Husker Wines and Champaigne

updated 10/11/2015

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2012 Zinfandel 

Daylight Wine Company 

    "Created by a transplanted midwesterner living in Sonoma and a former college football player, SEA of RED is a wine that was created specifically for fans by fans. Growing up in the midwest, these two gentlemen always admired the passion and tradition of fans gathering together and supporting their team as one, rain or shine. Like them, we value being part of something bigger than themselves."

 Inspired by Tradition
Driven by Passion


Zinfandel (left)

Legends Limited Edition (center) 

Cabernet Sauvignon (right)

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Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon 

Napa Valley, CA 

    Our first example of a Husker wine to add to the virtual collection. This one hails from California.  Please send any other examples that may be out there.

Thanks to David Brown for the photo and info!


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Great Western Champaigne 

New York 

    Go Big Red champaigne bottled by Great Western of New York.  This is a small single serving size bottle.

Thanks to Cory Johnson for the photo and info!