1941 Rose Bowl Memorabilia
Why not?


   With all of the items from the 1941 Rose Bowl that I've either come across or have had passed to me over the past year or so, I decided it's time to put this page together.  This may be a little late in coming, but I'll keep adding to it over time to try to make it a fitting tribute to Nebraska's first bowl trip in Husker Bowl History.  So, in no particular order...   

   updated 09/08/2015

Game Program

Postal Cache


Game Tickets

Satin Souvenir Scarf

Souvenir Doll

Souvenir Postcard Set

Postcard - NU Players

Postcard - Miss Nebraska

Postcard - Rose Parade Float

1941 Memorial Stadium Postcard

1940's Pin that may have been worn to the game...

Postcard - Rose Parade Float


Place cards from the Rose Bowl Banquet

Daily Nebraskan Newspaper the day after NU's acceptance of the Rose Bowl bid

Rose Bowl Necktie

submitted by Bob Ihrig


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